University of Dallas

Via dei Ceraseti, 12
00047 Marino (RM)
Telephone:  06.457.681
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The program is a semester in length and is intended for students at the University of Dallas and at certain cooperating institutions. The curriculum is determined by the needs of University of Dallas students and is limited to specific courses which are required of University of Dallas students. The program is not open to general admission, since it is a plan of study intended as a complement to the normal four-year course sequence on the home campus. Students who elect to spend their semester in Rome during the sophomore year are not penalized or required to make up work, since the studies in Rome are considered as an integral part of the regular degree program leading to a B.A.
The University offers programs for college credit to qualified high school students during the summer. There is a three-week program called “Shakespeare in Italy” and a three-week program called “Latin in Rome”. The University also offers a three-week summer program in Religious and Pastoral Studies.