Why Join?

Is your institution interested in joining AACUPI? AACUPI is interested in having you aboard!

By joining AACUPI, your institution would:

  • increase the effectiveness of AACUPI as the largest single voice in a position to represent North American institutions of higher learning before both Italian and United States and Canadian governmental entities;
  • receive valuable fiscal and legal information regarding the regulations and laws that affect programs operating in Italy;
  • benefit from a network of approximately 160 programs that currently belong to the Association, many of which share concerns and problems, bringing a wealth of common experience to a more effective administration of your program;
  • contribute to the overall effect that North American programs can have on Italian affairs, both at the local and at the national level.

Find out more about the structure of AACUPI and the requirements for membership:

  • View the Association’s current Constitution in English or Italian.

To download a brochure about AACUPI – its history and membership:

See a list of the topics that have appeared in past Newsletters (English index, Italian index). (N.B.: the actual Newsletters are available only by surface mail and to members; a more up-to-date listing of the topics can be found in the members-only section of this website.)

Apply for membership (please note that there is no application fee as such; annual membership dues are computed on the basis of the program’s configuration, but membership starts at as little as 585 euros for very small and limited programs; a form for calculating your costs can be requested directly from the AACUPI office):

  • Download and/or print out the PDF file of the Application Form.
  • Fill it out and fax it or mail it to the AACUPI offices (see contact information elsewhere on this site).

To learn more about AACUPI, please browse the pages of this site. You can address any specific questions you have to the Association’s President at president@aacupi.org.

AACUPI / European Association of Study Abroad (EUASA)

AACUPI has actively supported the formation in 2016 and continued existence of the European Association of Study Abroad (EUASA), a group of national Associations that represent primarily North American programs operating throughout Europe. As a non-profit association headquartered in Geneva, EUASA proposes primarily to address the many complex issues affecting the establishment and functioning of such programs in Europe and provide specific up-to-date information on fiscal, legal and immigration matters within the European Union area. The founding members are AACUPI; AAECG Association of American Educational and Cultural Organizations in Greece; AASAPeV Association of American Study Abroad Programs in Germany; APUAF Association of American University Programs in France; ASAPI Association of Study Abroad Providers in Ireland; AUCS Association of American Universities and Colleges Switzerland. For more information: info@eu-asa.org