Syracuse University in Florence

Piazza Savonarola, 15
50132 Florence
Telephone: 055.503.131
Fax: 055.500.0531
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Arts & Sciences: Italian language, literature, film, political science, economics, history, art history, architectural history, humanities, business, and theater history. Studio Arts: Combination of studio work with arts and sciences courses. Studio courses are distributed among various ateliers or artists’ and designers’ studios along with in house studios. Renaissance Art: A three-semester curriculum leading to the M.F.A. Students do one semester of course work at the university’s main campus and a second at its center in Florence. The third is devoted to an advanced research seminar in Florence leading to a public colloquium. Four Florence Fellowships are awarded annually, providing full remitted tuition as well as a stipend for travel to and for living in Florence. Pre-Professional: Open to students of any discipline. Coursework promotes an awareness of architecture, provides basic visual and graphic training, and an introduction to architectural history. Architecture: A one semester curriculum structured around design studios and architectural history with an extensive field trip program, for undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture I students. Students may get credit at Syracuse University or any of more than 100 colleges and universities which send students to the program.

Advanced language students take courses through the University of Florence’s Centro di Cultura per Stranieri along with Arts & Science course at SUF. Direct placement in English and Italian students are placed directly at the University of Florence.