Spring Hill College Italy Center

c/o Camplus Alma Mater Bologna
Via G. A. Sacco, 12
40127 Bologna (BO)
Telephone: 051.608.8311
E-Mail: italy@shc.edu
Home Campus Web site: http://www.shc.edu/
Italian Program Web site: http://www.shc.edu/italy

The Spring Hill College Italy Center, based in Bologna, offers a summer, a semester or a year of studies abroad. Academic excellence anchored in a liberal arts curriculum that is informed by human rights perspectives combined with a social justice travel travel program serve as the underpinnings of the Center. During your stay abroad you can traverse Europe s great capitals, sleep in the Sahara desert, meet with immigrants, hear from business, religious and political leaders, witness first-hand how Italians are combating climate change, intern for a human rights agency, encounter nooks and crannies of Italy all while living in one of the Mediterranean s consistently top rated University towns. Travels include a mandatory Eastern Europe Opening Tour and a Spring Semester North Africa Closing Tour which are integrated into the majority of the class requirements. All classes are instructed in English. The Spring Hill College is part of the network of 28 American Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU). Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. At full capacity the Spring Hill College Italy Center hosts 40 students per semester attending from campuses across the United States.

Students live and study at the Campus Alma Mater Residence Hall which offers services comparable to what one will find in the most modern of American residence halls. In addition to the Spring Hill participants the Campus Alma Mater residence hall houses 140 Italian and European students who are studying at the University of Bologna. The Campus Alma Mater residence hall is staffed by an Italian team of professionals. The Campus provides a 24/7 receptionist. The grounds are secured with video surveillance to reassure your security at any time of the day or night while allowing you maximum freedom and autonomy. The Alma Mater building is located in an area of town in which large numbers of students from the University reside. All of your Italy Center classes will be held in the Alma Mater classrooms. The Spring Hill College Italy Center administrative offices are also located within the Alma Mater complex.