Marist College

Via del Giglio, 6
50123 Florence
Telephone: 055.289.200
Fax: 055.398.0952
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Marist College is a fully accredited, undergraduate and master s level comprehensive institution located in Poughkeepsie New York, USA which has partnered with Istituto Lorenzo de Medici to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Italy. Marist Italy maintains a branch campus in Florence, with additional sites in Tuscania, and Rome, and provides an opportunity for students to earn a fully accredited US degree in Italy. Marist Italy offers four year liberal arts degrees in studio art, art history, conservation studies, digital media, fashion design, interior design, and Italian language; a graduate program in museum studies; a freshmen year program; and summer pre-college programs in studio art, fashion design, interior design and Italian. Marist Italy also welcomes applications from students wishing to study abroad in Italy for a semester or academic year.