Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

Via A. Algardi, 19
00152 Rome
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Fax: 06.580.9306
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The ICCS was established in 1965 to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to study Greek and Latin literature, ancient history, archaeology, and ancient art in Rome. The core of the ICCS curriculum is the “Ancient City” course, which counts as two of the four courses of the total academic load. The “Ancient City” is intended to supplement and complement a classics major by structuring the experience of being in Rome around literature and history which are normally taught at the students’ home colleges and universities. This course allows the student to explore the ancient world, both physically and intellectually, in a comprehensive and integrated fashion. In addition to the “Ancient City” course, students can choose two other courses from the following: Intermediate or Advanced Latin, Intermediate or Advanced Greek, Renaissance and Baroque Art History, and Elementary Italian. All site visits and major field trips (Sicily and Campania) are integral parts of the curriculum.