Indiana University’s Bologna Consortial Studies Program

Via Malcontenti, 3
40121 Bologna
Telephone: 051.236.486
Fax: 051.274.139
Program Web Site:

Indiana University’s Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP) offers qualified undergraduate students an opportunity to study for an academic year, fall or spring semester at the University of Bologna for U.S. college credit. Eligible students from any US institution can be considered as applicants. The BCSP was founded by Indiana University in 1965 and is now a consortium of fifteen institutions that jointly set the program’s academic standards. Indiana University’s Office of Overseas Study is responsible for administering the program on behalf of the consortium members. BCSP is a full-immersion, language-focused study abroad program. Students live exclusively with Italian peers, participate in internships and volunteer activities and are fully engaged  – linguistically, academically, culturally and socially – in the local culture and university lifestyle.