IES Abroad Siena (Institute for The International Education of Students)

Via Banchi di Sotto, 46
53100 Siena (SI)
Telephone: 0577.43402
Fax: 0577.43402
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The IES Abroad Siena program is designed for students interested in studying the Social Sciences and Humanities in a more intimate Italian setting. No previous Italian language study is required.

With an integrated curriculum of English- and Italian-taught courses led by Italian faculty, IES Abroad Siena offers you the opportunity to increase your Italian language skills regardless of proficiency level. If you have four or more semesters of Italian, you are eligible to enroll in courses alongside local students at the Universita’ degli Studi di Siena. The mandatory core course, Presence of the Past, relies on field study activities to explore important sites in and around Siena, introducing you to the charms of Siena’s cultural and artistic heritage.

The IES Abroad Siena staff consists of the Director, the Student Services Coordinator, and two Resident Assistants: university students who collaborate in the office work and share the apartments with IES students.

The IES Abroad Siena Center is located in a Liberty-style villa in the San Prospero area of the city on a quiet tree-lined street overlooking the historic town center. In addition to the small private garden surrounding the villa, several adjacent parks add to the peaceful setting. Siena’s large open market (each Wednesday) is also steps away.

The Center includes:

  • Classrooms
  • Student lounge and attached library
  • Small private garden
  • Faculty lounge and meeting area
  • Balcony with lovely views
  • Wireless Internet access, including the garden