Hendrix College – Accademia Dell’Arte

Villa Godiola
Via San Fabiano
52100 Arezzo
Telephone: 0575.294.155
Fax: 0575.296.259
E-Mail: monica.capacci@dellarte.it
Home Campus Web site: http://www.hendrix.edu/
Italian Program Web site: http://www.dellarte.it

Accademia dell’Arte is a performing arts school and cultural center in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. The Accademia is housed at Villa Godiola, a Renaissance era villa that overlooks the stunning city of Arezzo, with additional studio and performance space at La Stalla and Palazzo Gozzari in the historical city center. The Accademia offers study abroad programs in Physical Theatre, Dance and Music, Summer and Winter programs.

The Accademia is conceived as a vibrant community of performing artists, students and scholars working within an environment dedicated to training, researching and experimenting to realize individual goals and collaborative projects. In the 12-plus years since the Accademia came into being, it has continued to offer innovative approaches to performing arts programming and to creative opportunities for students, performing artists, educators and scholars.