Fairfield University Florence Campus

Corso dei Tintori, 7
50122 Florence
Telephone: 055.234.4034
Fax: 055.266.8329
E-Mail: jmaddux@fairfield.edu
Home Campus Web site: http://www.fairfield.edu/
Italian Program Web site: http://www.fairfield.edu/studyabroad

Students study at the Florence University of the Arts and live in shared apartments in the historic city center. A wide variety of courses, taught by an excellent international faculty, is available in disciplines ranging from International Business to History of Architecture. Italian Language (each student must take at least three credits), Studio Arts, Social Sciences, History and Literature are strongly represented. An engaging internship and service program is open to eligible undergraduate students. Students receive Fairfield University credit for course work completed in the Florence Program.

Summer Campus in Florence: four-week sessions are offered in June and July. Six credits may be earned during each session.

Intersessions : Ten-day Intersession programs are offered in Early Renaissance Art History and Religious Studies.