Duquesne in Rome

Via Nazareth, 400
00166 Rome
Telephone: 06.6152.2811
E-Mail: duitaliancampus@yahoo.com
Home Campus Web site: http://www.duq.edu/
Italian Program Web site: http://www.duq.edu/italy

The Italian Campus Program was established in 2001 to provide undergraduate students of Duquesne University the opportunity to live, study, and travel abroad for one semester as a complement to their regular four-year degree programs pursued on the home campus. The program runs a semester in length (Fall or Spring) with an integrated curriculum devoted to courses of study in History, Art History, Italian Language, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology and Economics, appropriate to the historical and cultural setting. In addition to a few distinguished professors from the home campus, the Faculty of the program is largely constituted by a core of highly qualified visiting professors and scholars resident in Rome. All programs are open only to Duquesne University students; inquiries should be forwarded to the Director of the Italian Campus Program.