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All courses are taught by the Colgate Faculty Director or specialists residing in Italy who are our partners from the Istituto Venezia or Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice. The group program is only open to study group students from Colgate and is a full-time program that offers a full semester of transfer credit to Colgate University. All students must take at least one semester of Italian prior to studying on the program; some students are intermediate and occasionally one or two are advanced.

Instruction is in English except for the language component and except for advanced Italian students.. Colgate’s affiliation with the University of Venice gives students access to the University’s dining halls and libraries. (They take their classes, though, primarily at the Istituto Venezia.

Italian Language (ITAL 122Y, 201Y, or 202Y or higher level if necessary) These language courses are designed to improve students’ ability to understand, speak, read, and write Italian. Students will take their Italian language course at the appropriate level. Taught by local instructors. (taught by the Istituto Venezia)

The Arts of Venice During the Golden Age (ARTS 311Y) A study of the history and artistic achievements of Venice, especially music, architecture and painting from 1200 to 1900. Includes concerts, visits to churches, museums, and other monuments in the area. Taught by local instructors. (taught by the Istituto Venezia)

Science and Philosophy in the Renaissance (PHIL 307Y) The course studies the transformation of science and philosophy that was brought about by the rediscovery of Greek antiquity during the Italian Renaissance. Taught by Prof. Meyer.

Venice and Italy (ITAL 226Y) A survey of Italian history and culture from the end of the Roman Empire to the present, with a particular focus on Venice and the Veneto. Taught by Prof. Meyer in conjunction with the field trips and some guest speakers.

Advanced students may take one of the first 2 classes at the Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice.