Arizona State University

c/o Centro Studi “Citta’ di Orvieto”
Palazzo Simoncelli
Piazza del Popolo, 18
05018 Orvieto (TR)
Telephone: 338.684.2815
Fax: 0763.306.524
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The “University of Arizona in Orvieto” is a fully accredited study abroad program. Its focus is on classical studies (it is also possible to join an archaeological excavation), but it has recently widened its curriculum also in the fields of Art History, Italian, English literature, Visual Arts, Architecture, Communication, Sociology and Psychology. The program includes field trips, museum visits and independent study programs.

All courses are taught in English. Course offerings will vary each semester.

Orvieto is the ideal location for an international study center. Considered by many travelers to be one of the world’s most beautiful towns, Orvieto combines Italian small town friendliness and atmosphere with the beauty of the Umbrian countryside. It is also one of the great centers for Italian art and archaeology. Surrounded by treasures from the Etruscan period, Gothic era, the Renaissance and the 19th century, the student has the entire town as a living classroom. Conceived as a way to present Italian art and archaeology to a wide student audience, the program is supported by the Comune (municipal government) of Orvieto and the Civic Foundation for the Promotion of Orvieto. The goal of the program is to provide an affordable overseas experience and quality courses for students with an interest in learning more about the wonders of ancient and modern Italy.