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The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University sends students to three destinations in Italy: Florence, Perugia and Rome. Each center offers a slightly different experience while all are dedicated to the overall mission of The College of Global Studies to provide experientially rich programs of study, all of which are approved by Arcadia University’s undergraduate academic programs faculty committee, UAPC and all of which meet the Dean of the College’s criteria for academic rigor and excellence.

All of Arcadia’s global programs provide sound, well-thought-out co-curricular learning opportunities which seek to deepen the student’s knowledge of Italy while expanding her sense of self, place and others. All students are required to study Italian language and culture to some degree, while some choose to study Italian intensively or in Italian at any one of our following sites: Universita’ per gli Stranieri in Perugia supported by The Umbra Institute or at the Universita’ degli Studi Perugia or Roma Tre.

Students who choose to study in Rome, study at the Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies at Roma Tre. Students study language at the Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo and Arcadia University and most departments at Roma Tre cross-list their course offerings, allowing Roma Tre and Arcadia students cross-cultural opportunities in the classroom. Classrooms are within the Italian institution and co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports are offered to students of both universities. Internships and a rich co-curricular learning program are available, as well as a variety of housing opportunities to suit the individual goals of the student.

Students in Perugia live in student housing or homestays or in integrated housing. They are all followed closely by the excellent support of The Umbra Institute but can choose from the three tracks available to them: Liberal Arts at The Umbra Institute, courses in Italian at Università degli Studi Perugia or language immersion at Università per gli Stranieri. Internships and a rich co-curricular program round out the experience.

In Florence, students are hosted at the Accademia Italiana in Piazza Pitti and benefit from one of the longest-standing design schools in that city. In an international environment, alongside degree-seeking students from Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Far East, students participate in both a Liberal Arts curriculum and targeted courses in design from textiles and fashion to industrial and graphic arts.

Paola Cascinelli is the Resident Director since 2018 and coordinates academic programming and experiential learning goals, student life and safety and security with local staff.

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