Fairfield University – AIFS Global Education Center, Florence

AIFS, Piazza dei Peruzzi, 1
50122, Firenze

Contact information
Simona Michelotti, smichelotti2@aifs.co.uk
Tel: +39 055.2399.236
Web site: https://www.aifsabroad.com/italy/florence/

The AIFS Global Education Center in Florence, affiliated with Fairfield University, offers semesters and short term programs throughout the academic year. The aim of the programs is to combine experiential learning with structured lessons in the fields of art, art history, marketing, fashion, psychology, European culture, communication, applied arts and Italian language. Internships with a strong academic component are offered as well. Thanks to the work of experienced staff and faculty, there is strong integration between classes and activities, helping the students to adapt and to discover in depth the different culture they live in.