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c/o The Catholic University of America
Via Garibaldi, 28
00153 Rome
Telephone: 06.5656.7904
E-Mail: dawsonvasque@cua.edu
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Italian Program Web site: http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/rome/index.cfm

Loyola University Maryland offers to its students the opportunity of studying in Rome in either the fall or spring semester, in cooperation with The Catholic University of America. The program is designed to immerse students in the city of Rome and allow them to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know Italian life and culture. Students live with Italian host families. They take two intensive Italian language courses from Italiaidea, a successful and dynamic Italian language institute. Their three other courses are taught in English and concentrate on disciplines that enrich their Rome experience: history, theology, art history, philosophy, ethics, etc. The courses and class trips help students to understand Italy and Rome in both its historical and contemporary dimensions. Throughout the semester there are optional activities that explore additional cultural dimensions and the various spiritual aspects of life in Rome. During the semester in Italy, students will be challenged both personally and academically in the courses and in the program activities. They will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of themselves, of Rome, and of western culture.