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The aims of the CIEE Study Center in Ferrara are to enable students to begin and/or improve their ability to communicate in Italian through intensive language instruction, and to study about contemporary and historical Italy through English-taught content courses.

CIEE program participants take specially designed CIEE content courses in English. CIEE students enroll in a required, intensive 2-week Italian language session at the start of the semester. Following the intensive language session, all students are required to continue their Italian language study at the appropriate level. This program is designed for students to spend one semester in Italy. The courses are designed for U.S.   undergraduates, and the teaching and learning methods will be familiar to most students from the U.S. However, all classes are taught by local faculty and require students to work independently outside the classroom. Learning takes place through a coherent blend of lectures, group seminars, and practical work.

Assessment is based on the students’ overall performance in the course, including essays and examinations.

The academic program is supplemented with excursions to local places of interest and cultural activities such as attending local festivals, visits to art museums and cathedrals and group dinners. Ferrara was greatly influenced during the renaissance period and is home to many museums, churches, and spectacular architecture. In addition, field trips to nearby cities such as Venice, Florence, and Bologna will provide participants with a solid understanding of this region of Italy.

Housing is included in the program fee. Apartments are shared with other students and are within walking distance of the CIEE office and classes. Homestay is also available.