Buffalo State College (State University of New York College At Buffalo)

SUNY Siena Program
Via di Citta’, 25
53100 Siena

Telephone: 0577.285.504
Fax: 0577.236.682
E-Mail: info@sunysienaprogram.it
Home Campus Web site: http://www.buffalostate.edu/
Italian Program Web site: http://www.buffalostate.edu/studyabroad/siena

Founded in 1961, the SUNY Siena Program of the Buffalo State College can rightly claim to have been the “first” study abroad program to choose Siena as the ideal place where students can live a memorable and unique experience both academic and personal.

The Academic Program revolves around a core of courses taught primarily in English, including Italian Language, Survey of Italian Literature, Dante’s Divina Commedia, Contemporary Italian Civilization, History of Italy, Art and Architecture, Hospitality Marketing, Tourism Management, Wine Essential, Ceramics and Painting.

Courses are normally taught in the Siena Program office and classroom complex is in one of the most prestigious location of Siena, right in the heart of the city and overlooking its beautiful main square “Piazza del Campo”. Studio classes are normally taught at the Liceo Artistico “Duccio di Buoninsegna”.

Students live with carefully selected host families who allow the students to have a home far from home.

Students take guided tours to Rome, Florence, Venice, Padua, Cinque Terre and others Italian cities to study art, architecture and Italian Culture.